Saturday, April 19, 2014

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April 19, 2014

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Anonymous said...

A REVOLUTION WILL TAKE PLACE in America - if not in 2014, surely in 2016. WILL IT BE PEACEFUL? Only God knows the answer to that. If the DEMON-CRATS and those in power will actually RELINQUISH power, is one of the questions. THEY will have had our country in BONDAGE for EIGHT long, torturous years, consorting with the ENEMY at every opportunity, and setting up AMERICA for eventual COLLAPSE. It may take a MILITARY COUP, it may take REBELLION and a CALL TO ARMS, as it did in 1776 - a MARCH on WASHINGTON, and the OUSTER of every CROOKED POLITICIAN living there - along with the arrest of a POTUS that was manufactured and made up by SOCIALISTS and COMMUNISTS meant to betray and CHANGE this great nation. Who knows? As for me, I am READY. I put the uniform on once, I can do it again, even in my 60's! May GOD HELP US, and may GOD SAVE THE REPUBLIC!