A few comments on man-made global warming
Satellite data tells us that there has been no global warming at all for almost 18 years (http://www.climatedepot.com/2014/04/04/global-temperature-update-no-global-warming-at-all-for-17-years-8-months/). The more we realize that man-made global warming is a socialist myth and the more we demolish their positions the more fanatical the socialists become in defending them. When you understand the real reason for the global warming fanaticism you understand why this is the case.
There are many major factors that drive weather and none of these factors can be quantified by man. The activity of the sun, the earth’s elliptical orbit around the sun, the amount of water vapor in the atmosphere, the movement and temperature of the tides just to name a few. Since man cannot quantify the major factors that drive weather when it becomes hot or cold he has no mathematical way to identify what caused this condition. We know that at present, as has been the case for many years, man has a great deal of difficulty forecasting the weather more than one or two weeks in advance.  
The Polar Vortex discussions last winter are an attempt by the liberal media to put some science into Al Gore’s inane comment several years ago that “Global warming is sucking all the cold air out of the Arctic.” Since they cannot explain why it was so severely cold last winter they have to invent another pseudoscientific explanation to try to save the situation. When you tell a lie and the lie is being exposed it is apparently time to tell another lie.
In order to understand the man-made global warming fanaticism you must understand what the adherents of Karl Marx (socialists, communists, progressives, statists or whatever they choose to call themselves) want. The goal of the socialists is a socialist world government operating under Marxist principles! The concept is that if we had a world government such a government would solve all these environmental problems. This is of course all a myth. Agenda 21 dovetails nicely with this fallacious concept and is part and parcel of the man-made global warming myth.
The United States stands in the way of the achievement of the socialist goal and for this reason socialism must dismantle freedom in the United States and replace our system of government with their version of a better system. The fact that socialism is a failed system never occurs to the socialists because they are driven by emotion and are convinced that the next time socialism will work. Agenda 21 and man-made global warming are but two of the many ways the forces of socialism work to destroy our free society.
When you take something unproven (man-made global warming) and combine it with something proven (climate change) and then claim both to be proven you have reached the height of hypocrisy and are now an accomplished sophist. Sophistry is a trademark of the liberal media and defines their treachery.